MyEtherWallet Tutorial for the PayPie token participation during pre-sale and token sale

Disclaimer: We publish the following instructions only as guidance on one of the ERC20 wallet option for the Token Sale Period. Participants are advised to conduct their own research and not rely solely on material we are presenting. We make no representations or warranties that the following material is complete or accurate, or that MyEtherWallet (or any associated software or services) will be reliable or function as described. As such, contributors assume all risks associated with the use of MyEtherWallet (or any other ERC20 wallet) in connection with the Token Sale Period. For the terms and conditions concerning the PayPie Token Sale Period please visit:
Getting Started

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manually send a transaction during the Contribution Period using MyEtherWallet, which is one of the most popular Ethereum Wallets.

Step One: Generating wallet

Open your web browser and navigate to Create a secure password on this screen. Click Generate Wallet to create your wallet:

Create New Wallet
Step Two: Saving your wallet file

Click Download and save the file on your hard drive. The click Continue to agree not lose the file. Locate the folder you saved your wallet file in. Duplicate the wallet file and store the duplicate in a secure separate location. You must have access to this file and your password to access your account. If you lose these, there will be no way to access your account again.

Step Three: Obtaining Ether and Funding the Account

Utilize one of the reputable cryptocurrency exchanges to purchase Ether (such as:, or ). If you store your Ether on an exchange you can send it to the address just created. You will need to factor in a small amount of Gas (a transaction fee for miners) to compensate for the fees associated. Once you’ve obtained your Ether, send the amount you want to the address just created.

You will need to unlock your address again, to send Ether to your wallet. Click on the View Wallet Info tab. Open the file you just saved and backed up by entering your password.

Once unlocked, you can send from an exchange or other wallet using the address from Your Address or the address from Your Address QR Code

Your wallet is now funded.

Step Four: Verifying The PayPie Token Sale Address

Navigate to On the exact time of opening of the pre-sale the website will show an orange button saying "Pre-Sale Is Open! Join Now!". Click on it to go to the pre-sale page then follow the "Contribute Now" steps there to get access to the full Contract Address.

Step Five: Sending ETH

Navigate back to the web browser tab with MyEtherWallet. Click on the Send Ether and Tokens tab. Click Select Wallet File... . Browse to where you stored the files in the previous steps. Open your wallet file. Enter your Password and click Unlock.

Copy the Contract Address found on: Paste the address into the To Address field in MyEtherWallet.

Insert the Amount To Send field with the amount of Ether you wish to send (minimum 0.5 ETH). In the Gas Limit field, input 200000.

Note: The Gas Limit is important because the smart contract requires more gas than a normal transaction.

The Gas Fee slider is located in the header (the top right-hand corner) of the MyEtherWallet website. Set the Gas Fee slider to your desired amount.

Note: You can only participate on pre-sale from October 8, 2017, 13:00 UTC until October 15, 2017, 12:00 UTC or when the cap is reached, or you can participate on the regular tokensale in case there are still tokens left on October 15, 2017, at 13:00 UTC until November 15, 2017, 12:00 UTC or when the cap is reached.

Click Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.

Step Six: Confirming that the transaction was completed

At the bottom of the screen, a notification bar pops up. Click View TX. An Etherscan window showing your transaction will open. If there are no errors indicated in red, then your transaction was successfully.

Where to go from here?

If you have questions, you can them ask on Telegram or email us at [email protected]

Thank you for participating!